The impact of Blind Cricket

Cricket, in its essence, is a sport that requires intense concentration, and a keen set of observational skills. It requires the players to be on their toes, set in the direction of the ball, and its timing, speed, with a calculative thought. But to many, cricket is something beyond estimation and physics – it is a passion. It is entertainment during dull summer afternoons, and for the rare few, a sport that gives them an exhilaration. For Dinesh, a young boy from Tamil Nadu, it is a hobby breathing light into his life.


His affair with cricket started during his college days, but his story begins from his childhood. Dinesh was born with problems in both his eyes, a kind of blurred vision that was gnawing at his eyesight with time. In an attempt to restore his deterring sight, he was admitted to a hospital for an eye operation. The outcome was Dinesh retaining merely forty percent of his vision. At this junction of his life, he was eleven. To dampen the situation further, his father passed away, leaving behind an economic crisis. Like several other households in the country, Dinesh received little to no support from his family for his education due to a lack of income. Despite these circumstances, he managed to take up odd jobs to collect money and fund a degree in English. Fortunately, his persistence and perseverance were fruitful, and he enrolled in college where he took an interest in Cricket.


Dinesh started playing blind cricket, a feat seemingly rare to many, and as an all-rounder, developed a love for batting. This was not without its fair share of struggles, the initial failure at grasping, the drilling hours of dedication, and the exhaustion that followed. The initial hurdle, from not being able to see the ball coming his way, to straining his good senses for playing was overcome by a non-discriminatory environment of others like him. He slowly, at his own pace, learned batting, bowling, and wicket-keeping techniques which he improvised after attending the Cricket Coaching Camp Employ-ability Skilling Programme organized by the Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled supported by Allergan. At the camp, Yoga sessions quickly became a favorite, and his curiosity and exposure to the Internet through computer classes opened a portal of opportunities before him.


His dreams are a two-way street, with a will to work in the income tax department while treating cricket as a hobby. And one can hope, he achieves and excels in both.


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