Redirecting the Children Prone to Child Labor

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, an NGO for the disabled and the underprivileged children in India has rescued many children who were on the brink of stepping into child labor.

Over the years Samarthanam, an Indian NGO for the underprivileged children and the persons with disabilities has transformed into a happy place for many children with disabilities and from the economically challenged backgrounds. The enthusiastic children of Samarthanam Residential School are self-confident, disciplined, and polite, which is a surprisingly common trait of those studying and those who have passed out of school, pursuing higher college. This confidence is not an innate characteristic but one that is acquired after a positive change in life after the intervention of Samarthanam.


The underprivileged children studying in Samarthanam Residential schools very often are from rural areas while their parents are daily-wage labors with no definite income falling below the line of poverty. The children of parents falling under this line are forced to take up child labor out of necessity and not of choice; they are also found to be malnourished in such instances. Samarthanam intervenes during these conditions and counsels the parents to enroll their children in the NGO’s free residential schools where every underprivileged child is offered two pairs of uniforms, shoes; school bag, syllabus books, and other necessary stationery. Thus, Samarthanam’s Residential schools are not just a place of learning but also a safe haven for the underprivileged children who are on the brink of stepping into gruesome child labor.


‘Vidyaprasad’ – the Gift of Education is the mid-day meal program of the NGO which is an active part of the nonprofit’s ‘Health and Nutrition’ initiative. The aim of the program is to prevent malnourishment-related disabilities. Under this scheme which is partially supported by the Govt of Karnataka, the nonprofit caters to the mid-day meals’ needs of more than 50 Govt schools in Bangalore.


A dedicated automated modular kitchen which is a part of the Headquarters and the other centres of the organization caters to the nutritional and dietary requirements of the children studying in their residential schools. For many underprivileged children, Samarthanam is more than a happy place, it is their safe haven and the most favorite place on earth surrounded by friends, caretakers, teachers for an opportunity far-off and far better than child labor.


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