Provision of Quality Education at Samarthanam Trust

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled is a place where the main priority is providing quality education to disabled and underprivileged people. It consists of three schools- one for young children, a high school and a school for the intellectually disabled. Being one of India’s top NGOs, Samarthanam Trust has realised that the need of the hour is to get rid of discrimination when it comes to education. Every child must have access to basic education, irrespective of their disabilities or their financial background. Inclusivity is the principle followed by them when it comes to education. All students sit in the same classroom and study together- this enables bringing together of different people for a common cause. To ensure that this happens, special steps have been taken for the creation of a barrier free environment. A barrier free environment caters to the needs of children with different needs- for example, usage of light and paint schemes for those who are visually impaired and signboards for those who are auditorily impaired. The school has also been made disabled friendly through the construction of ramps all over the building. Such an environment definitely boosts the motivation of the children to learn, so that they can be successful in the future. Samarthanam insists on provision of a holistic education- apart from academics, equal attention is paid to sports and cultural activities.


This NGO has made it a point to even follow the Sustainable Goals of Development, which are a collection of 17 goals that can change the world. Their contribution is channelled towards the fourth one, which says that primary and secondary education of all boys and girls will be complete by 2030. They are truly India’s top NGO, as they are doing a great job in making a worldwide difference.


The size of the population that is underprivileged and disabled worldwide is quite large. Through the creation of an inclusive environment, these people become empowered to enter the real world and live their dreams. Samarthanam has been running such a platform for the past two decades and are one of the pioneers of Charity in India. It has rightly been said that education brings progress. Only when more people are educated will more progress happen. Samarthanam strives and will continue to strive to reach out to everyone who requires their aid and ensure that India makes leaps and bounds in the field of education.



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