Education plays an extremely prominent role at Samarthanam. The founders strongly believed that education is a basic right that every single person is entitled to regardless of their status and ability. The underlying motive here is to provide everyone with a basic education and also provide the disabled with the best educational facilities. The organization strongly believes that every child irrespective of their physical and intellectual condition can achieve great things if they are given the chance to strive towards it.

Samarthanam has a primary school and high school which have around 350 students. Students in these schools come from a variety of backgrounds, including children with and without disabilities. Holistic development is a key factor here at Samarthanam. The students are provided with free tuition and accommodation. As a volunteer you can provide study support to the children, train them in extracurricular activities and a lot more.

Samarthanam also has a school which has children who are intellectually disabled which is equipped with premium teaching, infrastructure, facilities for physiotherapy and occupational therapy. They are trained in order to make them independent and help them overcome the challenges they face on a daily basis. The organization also aids the youth with disabilities to pursue a higher education and reach as high as they can.

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