In formal terms Samarthanam is a charitable non-profit organisation based working towards uplifting people with disabilities and people hailing from a disadvantaged socio-economic-cultural background. In other words, Samarthanam creates a safe space which allows these individuals to grow, thrive and become fully contributing members to society.

Samarthanam was founded back in the year of 1997 by Mahantesh G Kivadasannavar and his childhood friend, Late. Nagesh SP. The founders themselves being visually impaired understood the challenges and difficulties that had to be faced, knowing this they decided to give life to a cause which caters to not only the disabled but also the underprivileged.

What makes Samarthanam unique is the fact that it works for development within a large number of areas like education, skilling, environmental issues, sports development, promotion of arts and culture, improvement of health and nutrition and rehabilitation.

The organisation offers a wide variety of opportunities for people to volunteer as well.

Volunteers can offer tutoring skills, counselling, support with job placement, promotional and fund raising activities and many more.

Samarthanam allows us to look at the world beyond what we usually see; we get to see a side that is normally never spoken about, a side that is often forgotten. Here at Samarthanam you can be the reason for the smile on a child’s face, here, you can make a difference.

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