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When inspirations make a difference it becomes legendary and one such story is that of Ms. Abiramy who is a volunteer associated with Samarthanam’s Sunadha. The synergy started when the then 5-year-old Abiramy who was beginning to learn Bharatanatyam witnessed the Sunadha dancers perform at one of the famous Ganesha temples in New York. She says that she was so very taken with the performance that it motivated her to take up Bharatanatyam as a serious passion.

She believes that there is an overwhelming difference in the numbers of persons with visual impairment in the USA when compared to that of India where the number is very high. She feels that it is the responsibility of people like her to spread awareness about the same. She also wants to determine the root cause responsible for the whopping number of persons with visual impairment in India. She will be starting her medical schooling in August as she aspires to become an ophthalmologist to serve her country offering free service to the persons with visual impairment. Samarthanam and Sunadha have a positive effect on many of its volunteers like Abiramy where they change their outlook encouraging them to socialize with the persons with disabilities and at the same time sensitizing them with the situation which requires support from their side for inclusiveness.

As a dancer, Abiramy appreciates the efforts of the teachers training the performing artists of Sunadha who are visually-impaired and also some of the artists who are hearing and speech impaired. According to her the time taken by the person with a disability to master a certain ‘Mudra’ or step is generally three-times more when compared to a normal person. But she also says that it does not stop the enthusiastic and bright dancers of Sunadha to master the dance forms where they are ever-eager and enthusiastic to learn and perform new things on stage. Abiramy believes that her association with Samarthanam and especially Sunadha is for life and she is more than happy to do her bit in the long run that will make a difference in the lives of many persons with disabilities.

The foundation’s impact is quite positive where youngsters of her age are busy partying around; she has taken the time out to associate with the persons with disabilities to strongly promote inclusiveness. She is in fact an example to many youngsters like her who unfortunately are not sensitive towards PwDs. For inclusiveness and equal opportunities for persons with disabilities is only possible when the younger generation is sensitized about the talents and potentials of the PwDs.

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Thamayanthy – April 14, 2018

Excellent job, keep it up

Ramesh krishna – April 16, 2018


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