Inclusive Dance for Artists with Disabilities

Dance is a universal platform for expressing one’s talents to infuse social undertones into their performances. It is an impactful medium which not only bridges the cultural differences but also has an expressive ability to bring in the difference or to garner self-esteem and self-confidence. Quite amazingly so, persons with disabilities never allow their limitations to hinder or outshine their inherent talents of abilities. The Indian team that recently won the 5th ODI Cricket World Cup for the Blind exemplifies the talents of the players with visual impairment who never allowed their disability to overshadow their courage and enthusiasm which ultimately lead them to glorify our country powered by their victory. Similarly, the artists of Sunadha ranging from dancers, singers, musicians, instrumentalists, and so on not only showcase their talents on international platforms but inspire many persons with disabilities to overlook their limitations to explore their talents.

The success of Sunadha is a hard-earned feat met with numerous challenges as the societal acceptance of artists with disabilities is still a taboo that requires acceptance at a professional level to diminish the cultural barriers and the social stigmas.

In the initial stages, the cultural-wing of Samarthanam, Sunadha faced basic challenges like finding trainers to help the artists hone their skills and talents. The objective of Sunadha is to help the artists build a career in art with the motive of developing a livelihood with the same. With a meager number of choreographers with disabilities, the non-disabled choreographers are employed to create dance numbers involving artists who are speech, hearing, and vision impaired. For these artists, adaptation is a crucial factor as they are trained by a non-disabled teacher. Communicating the beats, the postures, and the expressions is an ordeal in itself and coordinating the movements such that they are in sync with the group is the key to an impeccable performance.

Despite the efforts and the hard work, the artists with disabilities are met with a reproach which limits the opportunities where they can perform. Because performance is the chance for the disabled to self-discovery as a whole and abled. Talents are unlimited but what they lack is an opportunity. Make a difference, by allowing them to showcase their art at your functions, events, corporate meets, cultural festivals, etc.

To book their performance, contact Ms Amulya Gowda: Phone: +91 9480809596

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