Yoga is an age-old practice that was introduced to the world by the Indians. The main reason why this practice is followed is wellness of life. Its origin dates back to the Vedic period in India, where it was practiced and later spread to other parts of the country by the saints at that time. The best part is that just because it was propagated under Hinduism, does not mean that practicing it is restricted by religion.
Although some people consider it to be just physical exercise, it is a lot greater than that. It has deep spiritual and meditative core and this is realized by people as they further their practice more and more. People who practice yoga generally have sound physical and mental well-being. There is no particular age to practice yoga- one can start at any point in their lives. Actually, it is said that the earlier one starts, the more benefits one will be able to enjoy.
It is said to promote relaxation, reduce stress and improve stamina and general health too. Among adults, it is very beneficial for alleviating pain from different parts of the body, especially the back.
Coming to yoga for the disabled, it is a great way for them to improve mental clarity and also to sleep better at night. It also aids concentration and ensures that their disability does not come in the way of sound physical and mental health.
Yoga is a universal practice and is for everyone. Nowadays more and more people all around the world have found out about its great benefits and it is a practice that is widely gaining popularity.
Did You Know?
There are nine forms of Yoga;
1. Hatha Yoga
2. Kundalini Yoga
3. Bhakti Yoga
4. Karma Yoga
5. Jnana Yoga
6. Raja Yoga
7. Mantra Yoga
8. Tantra Yoga
9. Kriya Yoga
Stay tuned for the next blog to learn more about the different forms of Yoga!


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