Equal Job Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities

The future of many PwDs looks bright because many companies ensure that 13% of their employees are PwDs like visual or hearing-impaired or those with loco-motor-impairment. As per the ‘The Persons with Disabilities Act’, it is not just a practice of choice but a norm which gradually many companies and organizations are now realizing.
As judging a person based on his disabilities and not his skills is rather unfair. However, most often such persons with disabilities are more capable with the right skill sets. And also some of the abundant traits of persons with disabilities are punctuality, discipline, commitment, longer attention span, impeccable concentration, minimum attrition.


These traits are directly proportional to productivity at work and hence companies hiring such individuals experience at 34% increase in their productivity when they make sure that at least 13% of the total people employed under them are persons with disabilities.


Companies benefit a lot by imbibing a culture that supports and promotes inclusive workforce. Adopting an inclusive workforce will require certain changes in the workplace considering the comfort levels of all the employees. Right from the basic facilities like toilets while aimimg for an all-inclusive work environment requires disabled-friendly toilets. Barrier-free adaptations like bars on the walls or specialized pathways that are wheelchair-friendly, etc.
All discriminations that arise in a workplace must be immediately dealt with to promote inclusive work. Simple measures as just speaking with the employees engaging in discriminating activities and practices to stop the same. Making it very clear to all the employees that such malpractices will be severely dealt with disciplinary sanctions is quite important.


There are a few nonprofit organizations like Samarthanam that have undertaken initiatives like ‘Livelihood Resource Centers’ that offer training and placements to persons with disabilities. It is also an opportunity for companies looking forward to creating an inclusive workplace to seek such organizations giving employment opportunities to the persons with disabilities for their skill sets for enhanced work productivity.


An LRC official states, “Most of the companies that have hired disabled candidates from our centres are quite pleased with their recruits as these candidates have valuable characteristics like discipline, punctuality, minimal attrition, etc.


To know more about Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled – Livelihood Resource Centers and the many training programs empowering the youths with disabilities to seek an equal opportunity at earning a livelihood click here


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