DIY Activities to keep your Children Occupied this Summer


Summer is the time for planning family vacations but unfortunately, many parents find it difficult to indulge in holidays due to their busy work schedules. Such parents also dread the fact that their children get easily bored and too quickly with a lot of free-time during summer holidays. If you are a parent who is not too keen on enrolling their children in Summer Camps, here are a few tips to organize your kid’s summertime to avoid listening to the phrase, “I’m Bored!” this season.


Summer Management

Organizing summer activities for your children despite your busy schedule without having to invest in time is the dream of every working parent. Planning is thus crucial to indulge your children this summer. Come up with a weekly plan for your children. There are many DIY activities for children which do not require parental supervision like coloring activities, washing his/her bicycle, cleaning their room, etc.

A well-thought plan for summer will definitely keep your child occupied. However, when your child complains of boredom with a lot of time to spare, do not fret. As free-time allows your children to be creative, to be innovators, discoverers, creators, and inventors.

You can start by providing them an opportunity to nourish their creative streak. A few craft supplies like glue, cardboards, colors, a pair of children-friendly scissors, made available to children will bring out their creative talents. Send them on a clutter-hunt to pick things that are of no use to turn them into craft from waste. You don’t have to guide them as children are quite creative in themselves.

That personal touch to the tees

Just a few shades of Fabric Pens and Paints will allow your children to personalize their T-shirts. If your children are older you can go that extra step with heat transfer papers to enable them to wear their masterpieces. For tiny tots, simple tasks like colorful palmprints will enhance the look bringing out the young fashion designers in them.

Fun with Fruits
Kid-friendly knives are safe and your children can thrive their artistic skills with fruit/vegetable carving. You can also encourage them to create fruits on sticks as a healthy snack. You come across numerous non-flame recipes online which you can provide the ingredients to your children are simply ask them to be creative, because you never know when they might surprise you with their delicious creations.

A little push from you to blend the fruits and freezing them into popsicles is a must-do DIY summer activity this holiday season.
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Aradhya – April 14, 2018

Nice tips; looking forward to other parental tips for summer.

Pratyush Sharma – April 24, 2018

Good tips to remove their boredem productively.

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