Disability an obstacle to pursue dreams?

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled is holistically dedicated to serving the disabled and the underserved in all walks of life right from early childhood education, higher studies, livelihood training, job-skills development centers and job placement centers. The objective of the NGO has been to provide end-to-end service to the persons with disabilities and the underserved or underprivileged communities. The Samarthanam foundation has also encouraged art where most of our beneficiaries have expressed their talents in drawing, painting, craft, dance, etc. Surprisingly most of the visually-impaired beneficiaries are cricket enthusiasts who not only follow the game but also are very good players either pursuing the sport via the Cricket Association for the Blind in India CABI or as a recreational activity.

Realizing one’s potential and to overcome the obstacles of disabilities requires acceptance and a determination to rise above the shortcomings. There are many inspiring examples where the person with disabilities have left a positive mark in the society, not just for themselves but have contributed to the cause of the betterment of the persons with disabilities. It all starts at home and with family, when you have a disabled member of your family it is important to treat them on par with any abled-individual. It is the first step for aiding them to use their special abilities, for instance; 15-year-old Anjani, a student of Samarthanam High School despite lacking arms, is an accomplished artist drawing and painting are his forte. He was honored with the highly-esteemed National Award and Raja Ravi Verma award recognizing his artistic streak.

The first Indian to receive the prestigious “Henry Viscardi Achievement Awards” Dr. Satendra Singh, a skilled practicing doctor with a locomotor disability is another inspirational exemplary personality and a true role model to the many aspiring persons with disabilities. He successfully overcame the obstacles and recognized his potential which enabled him to emerge out of inhibitions and hindrances to fight for the cause of the disabled. His efforts were recognized when the ATMs were made disabled-friendly.

A very famous music composer and playback singer who has given us many timeless Hindi songs, the Late Shri Ravindra Jain who was blind by birth is yet another inspiration who was unhindered by his lack of sight. Disability should never become an obstacle; it is hindering you to reach your goals, recognize your potentials to determine your abilities to overcome the hindrance of your disability.


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