Evolving beyond plastic

Every year, June 5 is celebrated as World Environment Day which is one of the flagship campaigns of the United Nations. This year the theme is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’.  India is chosen as the host nation for the same, given it has one of the highest recycling rates in the world.   Plastic is one


Importance of sports

Oscar Pistorius, popularly known as the ’Blade Runner’ is one of the premier athletes who has participated in the Paralympics. He has rightly said,  “You’re not disabled by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have.” Sports for the disabled and visually impaired have gained rapid popularity over the last couple


The Library of Books that Talk

Samarthanam, as an NGO has a large number of goals to achieve. But one of their primary goals is education- educating the youth who are disabled. They do not want to only educate them till class 10 or 12 but encourage students to take up higher education as well. A large number of students are


Samarthanam Digital library: An Overview

The aim of Digital Book Library is to reach out to more and more at their doorstep, considering the physical limitations of the persons with disabilities. Also to catalyze education for the print-disabled persons (visually impaired, slow-learners and dyslexic children). The program aims to build the required competency and enable them to lead a confident


A happy place for children with disabilities and the underprivileged

As summer draws to an end and rains begin frequenting the city, schools in Bangalore prepare themselves for reopening. Similarly, schools for the disabled brace for the upcoming academic session. One of the best schools for learning disabilities, Samarthanam, awaits the return of its students after their brief vacation with eagerness.   The enthusiastic smiles


The impact of Blind Cricket

Cricket, in its essence, is a sport that requires intense concentration, and a keen set of observational skills. It requires the players to be on their toes, set in the direction of the ball, and its timing, speed, with a calculative thought. But to many, cricket is something beyond estimation and physics – it is


Inclusive Dance for Artists with Disabilities

Dance is a universal platform for expressing one’s talents to infuse social undertones into their performances. It is an impactful medium which not only bridges the cultural differences but also has an expressive ability to bring in the difference or to garner self-esteem and self-confidence. Quite amazingly so, persons with disabilities never allow their limitations