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Chess mastered by children with disabilities

Chess plays an important life in any person’s life. It helps you to visualize, strategize, and plan. It develops logical and critical thinking skills, improving focus and concentration. The students learning under Checkmate have been able to think dynamically and dream big. Chess can be learned through the computer, using books, watching interviews, and attending


The Story of Ayush that Restores Hope

Everything was perfect for me and my family when I was born on 26th September 2002 in a small village in Bhagalpur, India. There was happiness all around me as a new life had just entered this great universe to face various challenges proposed by it.   I grew up like a normal kid, the


Samarthanam Vidhya Hastha provides education-related financial aid to the children of parents with disabilities

Vinitha L comes across as any other regular student who is in the bliss of the SSLC results week. However, when one digs deep into her life only to come up with tales of wonder, pride, and an overwhelming sense of happiness towards this child.   The daughter of two visually impaired parents, Vinitha is


Pedagogical Approach in an Inclusive Classroom

An inclusive school is one in which the teaching and learning, achievements, attitudes and the well-being of every child matters. An inclusive classroom is an educational term used to describe classes whose students possess a wide range of abilities and developmental levels. These classes may contain children with cognitive and physical ability levels considered normal


Caring for Children with Intellectual Disabilities

Teaching any grade is quite a challenge in itself as every child of every age is different. There are established set of protocols to handle the children of various grades which simplifies the art of teaching them. However, the rules and statistics never apply or imply to while handling children with intellectual disabilities. Intellectual disability


Inclusive Dance for Artists with Disabilities

Dance is a universal platform for expressing one’s talents to infuse social undertones into their performances. It is an impactful medium which not only bridges the cultural differences but also has an expressive ability to bring in the difference or to garner self-esteem and self-confidence. Quite amazingly so, persons with disabilities never allow their limitations

Inclusive workplace for persons with disabilities

Inclusive workplace for persons with disabilities

The future of many PwDs looks bright because many companies ensure that 13% of their employees are PwDs like visual or hearing-impaired or those with loco-motor-impairment. As per the ‘The Persons with Disabilities Act’, it is not just a practice of choice but a norm which gradually many companies and organizations are now realizing. As