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Pedagogical Approach in an Inclusive Classroom

An inclusive school is one in which the teaching and learning, achievements, attitudes and the well-being of every child matters. An inclusive classroom is an educational term used to describe classes whose students possess a wide range of abilities and developmental levels. These classes may contain children with cognitive and physical ability levels considered normal


Inclusive Dance for Artists with Disabilities

Dance is a universal platform for expressing one’s talents to infuse social undertones into their performances. It is an impactful medium which not only bridges the cultural differences but also has an expressive ability to bring in the difference or to garner self-esteem and self-confidence. Quite amazingly so, persons with disabilities never allow their limitations

Inclusive workplace for persons with disabilities

Inclusive workplace for persons with disabilities

The future of many PwDs looks bright because many companies ensure that 13% of their employees are PwDs like visual or hearing-impaired or those with loco-motor-impairment. As per the ‘The Persons with Disabilities Act’, it is not just a practice of choice but a norm which gradually many companies and organizations are now realizing. As