Books that Talk for Persons with Print-disabilities

Reading books (academic and non-academic) is crucial for Education and. The most preferred means of reading is print-media that is printed letters, which cannot be read by persons with blindness or low vision and also by persons with print disabilities like dyslexia. Hence, Talking Books are very important for bringing the printed world to the visually impaired or the print-disabled. Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled in association with DFI established DAISY Digital Library in over six Indian cities. This library caters to the various literature needs and also regional requirements (Kannada, English, and Hindi.) The books that talk can be in the forms of audio cassettes, CDs, etc.

Recording in Digital Access Information System known as (DAISY), provides a unique navigational system through which a reader can easily and quickly, access the material not only chapter wise, section wise or subsection wise, but also page wise. In other words, he/she can reach the required heading/page/section almost effortlessly within no time. This system is economical as well as portable. These recorded books can be preserved for an unlimited period and can also be upgraded easily. These books are produced on CDs and can be read on mp3 players, mobile phones or on the computer. These can be transmitted over the internet too. The aim of Samarthanam’s Digital Library is to provide the full range of materials in DAISY format.

The job market is changing extremely rapidly too. Even with job reservations, persons with disabilities need to prove their abilities and potential to work as productively as any other person. Every aspirant of the job has to face competitive examinations for admission in professional courses and for jobs themselves. This has resulted in increased demand for books and reading materials for current affairs and general knowledge about various disciplines to prepare for competitive examinations. University and school textbooks have been prepared in DAISY format in English, Kannada, and Hindi medium. Samarthanam has completed the recording of all Karnataka textbooks starting from the third grade to 12th of both English and Kannada medium textbooks.

Every year new titles are added in the library. These titles include school and university textbooks in English, Kannada, and Hindi. General interest books, including fiction, general awareness, current affairs magazine (which is in great demand)
All that is required to be a member of the library is Proof of Disability along with an address proof. After getting the membership of the library he can get the audio/e-textbooks from us in either pen drive or memory card and it can also be taken via CD/DVD which is chargeable.

Samarthanam in association with the DAISY Forum India offers easy access to most of the books of all categories for persons with Print-disabilities. For more information on volunteering for lending voices for the books or to get access to the talking books, visit,

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