A true story of courage!

A cheery smile, and the courage to face all the curveballs that life throws and someone very motivational is everything, Latha Suresh. At just 22 years of age, Latha poses the sagacity of a wise woman who has lost in life but with her vibrant spirit sets examples to many to face life at its brutal best. She has made a home at ‘Swadhara Gruh’ for her one-year-old daughter and herself, working as a tailor for independence and to provide a good life to her daughter, she is an epitome of true courage, standing tall amidst the vindictive tides of the society.

“I was married for three-and-a-half years, and when I was three months pregnant my husband was called-off to visit his family after which he disappeared on me.”, recalls Latha. She further narrates, “I was nineteen at the time, pregnant and scared earning a livelihood as a maid for a lawyer family. With no money, and nowhere to stay after my caesarian delivery of my daughter I sought refuge in my friend’s place. It was never easy there, with the community asking me to give up my daughter. The lawyer for whom I was previously working for, referred Samarthanam’s ‘Swadhara Gruha’.”

Latha and her daughter were welcomed at Samarthanam where she had a counseling session as she was then suffering from severe case of depression. It was not just shelter, but encouragement and a new perception towards life further motivating me to gather the shattered pieces of my life to provide a good life to my daughter rewind’s Latha.

When Latha is off to work, one of the many beneficiaries of Swadhara Gruh or the workers in the organization takes care of little Siri, Latha’s one-year-old toddler.

Latha is still hopeful that her husband would be back for her and her daughter. She is quite optimistic but also is well-prepared with her enthusiasm and motive to provide a better life for her daughter. She feels that Samarthanam has been a life-changer providing her with the encouragement that has boosted her self-confidence.

Not just Latha, there are many such true inspiring stories at Swadhara with a positive outlook towards life and an aim to stand tall despite the brutal horrors life throws their way. For many such inspiring stories or to contribute towards Swadhara Gruh, click here

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